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What is BangaliChat?

BangaliChat is a free Bangladeshi chat network for general audience. We started back in  2007 with a few friends. After some eventful years, our family has grown bigger reaching all over the world touching millions of Bangladeshis. If you want to meet new people or just want to kill your time as well as making new friends far across the globe, come right in our chat room. Be yourself; do whatever; share your knowledge; know your culture. Remember we are open 24 hours, 7 days a week!

Rules of BangaliChat

Do not flood or harass users or channels!

Do not abuse services, our servers, or our users.

Do not spam/advertise!

Do not beg for Op, IRCop!

Do not use insecure proxies, we will ban them when spotted!

Do not spread Trojans/Viruses

No flood bots, abusive bots or anything of the sort!

You are not allowed to make profit on BangaliChat!

We don't get paid, why should you?

Use your common sense. If something seems bad, it probably is.

And, remember. We are NOT responsible for what people say or do on BangaliChat. Like the postal service, we just deliver the message. 😉